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When you’re ready for a new garbage disposal contact flame and our plumbers will take care of your garbage disposal installation needs

Having a new garbage disposal installed under your kitchen sink can provide ultimate convenience for disposing of food waste. When your garbage disposal ages a litany of problems can occur. Clogs can cause your sink to backup, electrical issues flare up and other problems may occur. The plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling can handle your garbage disposal installation from start to finish.

Some homeowners choose to install their new garbage disposals by themselves. But installing a brand new unit may not be easy for everyone. That’s why FLAME is your number one source in Michigan for garbage disposal installation. Have a trained FLAME Master or Journeyman Plumber connect your new unit to the drainage system in your home. That way, you know the job was done right.

And remember, all of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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