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Backflow Preventer Installation

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Backflow occurs when contaminated water mixes with your tap water. Scary, right? Well fear not, because FLAME is here to help make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Even though backflow has many causes, the technicians at FLAME are experts at implementing backflow prevention.

It all starts with testing the backflow prevention device in your home. In fact, many cities, municipalities and states require this testing on a yearly basis.

Truthfully, problems with backflow devices are uncommon, but they do happen. Many of these repairs are simple but in rare cases, can be significant. Call a FLAME plumber today to have your backflow system tested.

Why Trust FLAME?
Because we do high quality work, use only the highest quality parts and backup all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For reliable plumbing trust the airflow pros of Michigan.

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