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Residential Services:

FLAME Heating Cooling & Electrical offers a full range of exceptional reliable Bryant air conditioners to meet your air conditioning needs. Our Michigan Residential Cooling air conditioners with both refrigerant currently in use today (Freon-22), as well as the new refrigerant 410A (brand name PURON), are designated as environmentally safe.One of our comfort FLAME consultants can visit your home and recommend the Bryant Central Air Conditioning system that best fits your budget and your comfort needs. Not interested in a brand new air conditioning system? Need to repair your current cooling system immediately? You may also contact one of our local consultants and inquire about Air Conditioner repair as well as Emergency Air Conditioning repair.

Michigan Cooling Regulations

New federal regulations effective January 22, 2006 mandate increases in compressor efficiency. These new regulations involve the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER. Pre-1992 central air conditioners may have SEER ratings of only 6 or 7. The national efficiency standard for central air conditioners in 2005 requires a minimum SEER of 10, but it will rise to SEER 13 for products manufactured after January 22, 2006.

Cooling for Michigan Homes With Radiator Heat

Unico Systems mount in the attic or basement and use 4 inch “space-age like” piping to cool your home. There is no home we cannot cool. If Unico is not the product for your application, Mr. Slim/Mitsubishi has units for one or two room air conditioning applications.

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