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LincolnParkMiPostOfficeConsidered the crossroads of Downriver, Lincoln Park, Michigan in Wayne County is a beautiful community for residents of all ages. FLAME is a part of that community as the Lincoln Park’s go-to source for all heating and cooling needs.

Lincoln Park neighborhoods are located just minutes away from many cultural, recreational and businesses opportunities in Southeast Michigan. A day out enjoying the city requires a comfortable night in. That means a reliable gas furnace or electric air conditioner installed and maintained by FLAME.

And remember, if your heating and cooling services fail in harsh weather, an expertly trained FLAME technician closeby and available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Looking for Ways to Cut Down on Energy Bills?

An upgrade to an out-of-date thermostat can provide more reliable temperature control and more advanced options for saving energy. For instance, a Wi-Fi® controlled thermostat allows you to reduce drastic temperature fluctuations in your home by giving you complete control from almost anywhere.

Contact FLAME today to find out about The Evolution® Connex™ Control whole-home thermostat.

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