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FLAME offers a full range of high quality commercial hot water heaters to meet the water needs of your Michigan business.

When it comes to the hot water heater in your home, FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical is your one-stop shop. We offer water heaters for any demand starting with 40 gallon water heaters and up, which means you’ll be benefiting from nothing but state-of-the-art, high efficiency, durable water heaters. This means bigger energy savings than ever. In addition to standard hot water heaters, FLAME offers another product called the “tankless water heater.” The models available offer the ultimate in control and efficiency and heat water on demand, provide endless supply that does not require wasteful heating of water when not it use. It’s the lean solution for the lean business environment.

We are pleased to announce that all tank water heater installations will now be covered by an industry leading full 10-year tank, part and labor warranty. If your water tank fails during the first ten years after the installation, all parts and labor and even complete tank replacement, if necessary will be covered in full.

For help in discovering what water heater is the best fit for your business as well as what top-notch products we offer,contact FLAME today!

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