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Commercial Services:

FLAME’s Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair team is ready to solve your problems so that you can keep focused on your business.

Being from Michigan, we know how the weather can change quickly and how important it is to keep your business environment as comfortable as possible. When your heating or cooling system stops working, you need a team committed to you.

Our commercial heating and cooling repair team are there for you, usually on the same day.

Whether your furnace stops working during a winter storm or your business’ A/C isn’t functioning on the hottest day of the summer, FLAME is your go-to source for commercial Heating and Cooling repairs.

Our technicians have an array of experience including commercial rooftop and split systems.

Is your company using a Bryant® Energy Savings heating and cooling system?

It’s always a positive when your business can save money on energy bills. Make sure your company installs a Bryant® energy efficient product and keep your building comfortable.


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