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Power to Your Business
You can’t afford to let a rough Michigan winter shut down your business operations. That’s why it is essential to back up your business with a standby commercial generator installed by FLAME.

FLAME offers a variety of different sized generators designed to handle the energy demands of any size Michigan building. In the event of a utility outage, these automatic generators respond with immediate power.

So Why Buy a Standby Generator from FLAME?

  • An automatic standby generator can help prevent you from spending thousands on potential property damage
  • A permanent connection to your commercial building’s power supply provides uninterrupted power during an outage
    • Continuous fuel supply also eliminates the need for extension cords or messy gas cans
  • Sound panels combined with a muffler helps to keep the sound down
  • A permanent connection to natural gas supply

With FLAME, you can count on highly trained technicians with experience in commercial replacement and new building HVAC repairs and installation. Plus, we back all of our work with the FLAME 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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