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Give Your Business’ the Power With Professional Electrical Installations

FLAME is an industry leading commercial electrical company. With over 60 years of electrical experience and servicing more than 75,000 homes and businesses in Metropolitan Detroit, FLAME is the answer to all of your electrical installation needs. We are licensed through the state of Michigan, and we always stay on top of what’s new in the electrical field so we know we are providing you with the best service.

FLAME does more than small electrical repair and replacement, we can wire a building for power from the ground up. And when you’re ready, we also install back-up generators for Michigan companies.

Whether you require small installations or you’re remodeling a building from the ground up, FLAME is your Michigan electrical installation solution. FLAME technicians are determined and passionate about giving you the best services and products at competitive prices and will go the extra step to ensure your business is up and running every day. We even offer same day service, evening and Sunday appointments, as well as holiday service.

It all starts with a call from you and an evaluation from one of our highly trained technicians.

And remember, FLAME answers emergency replacement calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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